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Repair Services

If you are planning on bringing your equipment in for service, please read the following first.  This may help answer some of the questions have about typical cost of repairs, turnaround times and other frequently asked questions.


1 - Dropping off the repair:  No appointment is necessary but please allow yourself enough time to drop off your machine, have us take a look at it and discuss your requirements.  This will normally take 5-10 minutes. During peak times (March-June) please expect longer wait times.  We will ask you a series of questions about your machine in order to establish your needs as well as the cause of any problems your machine may have.  Please do not bring in your machine with the expectation to drop off your machine and leave immediately.  By taking a few minutes to discuss your equipment, you will enable us to satisfy your service needs as well as to learn more about the cause of any equipment failure that may have occured.

2 - Estimates:  When you drop off your equipment with us and after a short consultation, you may request a quote.   We will give you a range of cost for any repairs.  At this stage there is no cost for the estimate.  Once you leave your machine with us it is however subject to a minimum repair charge of $50. Once you leave your machine with us and have agreed to a particular repair or cost estimate we will service your machine according to our consultation with you.  Occasionally repair costs exceed our initial assessment at which time we will contact you to discuss options and provide a new estimate.  You will then have the option to decline the repair and pay the $50 minimum charge or to give us your concent to proceed with the repair.  In some cases we will ask you to pay the minimum charge up front.

3 - Turnaround Times:  If we don't need to order parts, we will usualy have the service completed between 1-5 days.  We stock a large quantity of common repair parts including spark plugs, lawnmower blades and air filters.  If we need to order parts, it could be 1-2 weeks or more depending on how old your machine is.  (Older machines usually means longer wait for parts).  Our repair times are the fastest in the industry.

4 - What do we repair:  We service what we sell, which is primarily Honda & Stihl.  We repair Honda Lawnmowers and most other Lawnmowers but not all.  We repair only Stihl Chainsaws but can supply replacement bars and chains for all makes.  If a machine is of "uncertain" quality standards or we cannot identify the make or if it has any defects that we deem to be unsafe or unrepairable, we will not work on it (ie. holes in the deck of a lawnmower caused by rust or a chainsaw that has a non functioning safety brake).

5 - Tuneups:  If you ask for a "Tuneup" we will first need to establish that your equipment is starting and running.  A tuneup is considered "maintenance" and assumes that there are no major problems of defects.  Cost to tuneup a lawnmower is typically between $90 and $120.  Cost to tuneup other equipment can vary quite a bit, depending on cost of parts.  Parts used in a tuneup usually include spark plug, air filter, oil change.  For lawnmowers, a tuneup also includes blade sharpening.  If the lawnmower blades are worn out and need replacement, the cost of the tuneup will be somewhat higher.

6 - Repairs:  If your equipment is broken or damaged or the engine won't start, you will require repairs.  If you do not want a full tuneup in addition to the repair being done, please ask to "just get it running" and in some cases we can just do the basics to get your machine working.  In other cases this will not be possible, but we will let you know what the expected cost will be.

7 - Parts Only:  If you have a simple repair that you can do yourself or you are handy with such things, we are happy to supply you with any parts you need.  We keep a large stock of parts and can usually special order any other parts you may need.  We will ask you to prepay any special orders you place with us.  In order to help us with your order please be prepared to supply a complete make, model and serial number prior to ordering.  If you require a long list of parts please email your list to