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Eco Practices

Plastics and Waste Packaging

Don Dickey's is pleased to announce that we have taken another step to becoming greener.  As of 2017, we will be recycling aproximately 75-90 % of our used packaging.  This includes plastic wrap, styrofoam and other plastics.  Previously much of this ended up in the landfill but will now be picked up, sorted and recycled by a local Richmond recycling firm.

We will also continue our previous efforts to be environmentally responsible by doing the following:

- Recycle all paper/cardboard

- Provide clean fuel alternative (Aspen Petroleum) to our customers 

- Recycle all old/used oil/gas products

- Recycle all used metal products

- Promote the use of battery operated (lithium ion) versus gas powered tools 

Going Green

In an effort to be more environmentally sensitive in our operation, we have taken numerous steps to make our services more Eco-Friendly.

* We recycle all paper & cardboard products

* We recycle all plastics, batteries and electronics

* We offer clean burning fuel alternatives to our customers. Aspen Environmentally Certified Fuel

* We have gone digital in order to reduce the use use of paper by about 90% compared to 5 years ago

* We offer a recycling service for most used power equipment Scrap it Here!

Scrap it Here!



We now accept "most" used power equipment for recycling.

Fee is $10.00 to $40.00 per unit plus taxes



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