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Don't wait for the first snowfall! Visit our store for these great deals!


8KG (17.6LB) bags of Ice Melter: $13.27 (7 Remaining)

20KG (44LB) bags of Ice Melter: $24.78 (4 Remaining)


snow brush24" Snow Brush: $4.29 (8 Remaining)


4" Snow Scraper: $2.29 (8 Remaining)

Snow ShovelG-NS112D Snow Shovel (D Handle): $24.50 (3 Remaining)

Snow ShovelG-APP21KDR Snow Shovel: $29.95 (Only 1 Remaining)

Some items available in store only. Images of product may not represent the color of item. Inventory data may not be up to date. Call ahead to check stock (604) 273-7112