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Hint: Be sure to have plenty of split wood ready to use in your patio chimnea, fire pit, or for the campfire. With the high price of ready-split wood, it makes more sense to do it yourself with a log splitter.


We recommend that wood be left to air dry, as it will make the splitting process much easier and faster.
Wood which is well seasoned also produces up to 44% more heat than green wood.
Several things can limit the splitting capacity of a log splitter
knotty wood
wood with twisted grain
stump with roots
The more of these characteristics present in a piece of wood, the more difficult it will be to split.
What is a knot?
The portion of the branch that has become incorporated in the bole of a tree. The influence of a knot on the mechanical properties of a wood member is due to the interruption of continuity and change in the direction of wood fibers associated with the knot.
The log diameter does not necessarily indicate the difficulty of the split. A larger log can be split easier than a smaller one, if its fiber is straight.
Firewood ratings
SwiftSplit by Mantis
SwiftSplit by Mantis


Article courtesy of Little Wonder