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I frequently get asked "how do I mix oil with my gas for my 2-cycle engine?"

 As a general rule you will mix your gas and oil at a ratio of 50-1.  That means for every 50 parts of gas you would use 1 part oil.  An example of this would be for a 5 litre fuel container filled with gas you would add 100ml of oil.

 A few things to consider are:

 Make sure that your machine is actually a 2-stroke or a C-4 (Shindaiwa) or a 4-Mix (Stihl).  Next, I would always recommend using a brand name oil such as those just mentioned, as you will get a reliable, clean burning, quality mixture.

  • I would advise against using generic oil mix or outboard engine oil, as these may not be properly rated for air-cooled engine applications.
  • Synthetic or not synthetic?  This is a debatable issue, which, all I can say about it is, whichever oil you start using, stay with the same thing.  Don’t keep switching oils.
  • Always read your owners manual.  Being a man, I usually don’t read those things, but everyone else should :)
  • I would strongly recommend using 94 OCTANE, NON ETHANOL (min 89 octane) fuel as a lesser octane rating will potentially damage your engine, or at least it may cause your equipment to not operate at it’s optimum performance level.
  • Only use fresh gas.  Gas will go stale in as little as 60 days so I always recommend using a fuel stabilizer or using 2-stroke oil that has fuel stabilizer already added.

 I hope you find this helpful.

 Thomas Fairbrother, Administrator