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Spring is a great time to tune up your lawn mower before the heavy mowing season begins. Whenever you choose to tune up, be sure to do it once a year.

It is important to replace the gas in your gas can if it has been sitting around all winter. Gas goes stale after a couple of months now due to preservatives being taken out of the gas. The Ethanol (10%) Blended Gasoline that Husky / Mohawk / Chevron is now selling will eventually cause problems with the carburetor on your machine. To combat this, we recommend that small engines and outdoor power equipment are filled up with Premium Fuel (94+ octane). This helps, but don't buy any more gas then you will be using in a month, unless a fuel stabilizer is added. Using fuel stabilizer will keep the gas usable for up to a year.

tune-up schedule

*Change oil after first 5 hours, then after every 50 hours or every season.
**Service more often under dusty, heavy load operating conditions.



Article courtesy of Briggs & Stratton