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How To Tune-UpTune up your mower!

Use a Briggs & Stratton Maintenance Kit to make the job easier! Our kits have everything you need to do a tune-up easily and inexpensively in 30 minutes or less.

It's easy to tune up your lawn mower. If you don't do it yourself, have a Briggs & Stratton dealer do it for you once a year. An annual tune-up will extend the life of your mower while cutting polluting emissions by up to 50 percent.


The Four Easy Steps

Step 1

Briggs & Stratton engines use one of three types of air filters - foam, paper, and a combination of foam and paper.






Step 2

For optimum performance, you should change the oil in your engine at least once per season or every 25 hours of use. Briggs & Stratton Maintenance Kits come with the correct oil for your engine. You can also purchase oil separately through our participating dealers and retailers.





Step 3

Changing your spark plug is one of the easiest ways to ensure accurate and easy starting for your engine. This should be done every season. Briggs & Stratton Platinum Spark Plugs are pre-gapped, so all you need to do is remove the old spark plug and replace it with the new one. Our easy-to-use Maintenance Kits all include the Platinum Spark Plug.





Step 4

Gasoline that's been standing for over a month can cause difficulty with your engine when you want to restart it later. Get into the habit of adding Briggs & Stratton's Fuel Stabilizer to your fuel tank to avoid these problems and you'll be ready to mow any time.





Maintenance Schedule & Free Reminder

Spring is a great time to tune up your lawn mower before the heavy mowing season begins. Whenever you choose to tune up, be sure to do it once a year. Plan ahead with this At-a-glance Mower Maintenance Schedule that will help you keep your mower running smoothly.


Article courtesy of Briggs & Stratton