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This is an excellent time to start thinking about preparing your equipment for winter storage.  Done correctly, your equipment will start easily in spring.  Below are a number of solutions as reviewed by Don Dickey Supplies.  We have rated each solution for it's overall effectiveness as a grade between 1 and 10.

Mention this PROMO when bringing your machine in for a fall tuneup, and we will include FREE Winterization Service, using either Aspen or Motomix long life fuel as a storage solution.

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1) Regular Gas

This contains high levels of Ethanol and is likely to cause your engine to run poorly and potentially not run at all if the fuel is left in the tank/carb over winter. One can empty the tank and carburetor before storing the machine, but this tends to be messy, can cause spills which is bad for the environment, and is time consuming and somewhat technical for many people.




94 octane

2) 94 Octane Gas (Chevron)

This is a much better choice for gas as it contains no Ethanol and the high octane will boost your machines performance.




 16 OZ Concentrate New

3) Fuel Additive/Stabilizer

With the addition of fuel stabilizer to your high octane gas, you will extend the life of your fuel somewhat. Gasoline today is so vulnerable to separation and chemical instability that this is not an ideal or completely reliable solution.




 motomix teaser img 03

4) Motomix by Stihl

Recently Stihl has made it's premixed fuel available in Canada exlusively at Stihl equipment dealers. For Stihl handheld equipent this is an excellent choice as this is a European blended (imported) gas mix solution with at least a 2 year life expectancy and it is premixed at 50/1 with premium Stihl 2-Stroke Synthetic (Ultra) oil. Currently it is only available in a 1 litre container and only as a fuel/oil mixture. This is not a solution for your 4-cycle equipment.





Aspen Alkylate Fuel

Aspen Alkylate fuel is imported from Europe, it contains no "unnecessary" addditives and is basically a very clean burning, fuel efficient, low emmissions fuel. Users frequently comment that when using this fuel they can't even smell the exhaust. It is available in both straight gas and 50/1 premixed. Container sizes available are 1L, 5L & 25L.



   Promotion ends Dec 15, 2013.